End of Roll: Everything you need to know!

End of Roll: Everything you need to know!


Hello to all our radiant readers!

We aren't fans of waste at AL Impact- unfortunately, the fashion industry is notorious for it! An immediately obvious offender is the throwaway nature of fast fashion. We're trying to tackle this by producing gorgeous garments made to last...but this isn't the only challenge. 

Fabric arrives in big ol' rolls, and the fabric won't always make it from the roll to a final garment. A retailer might over order or cancel, or a custom fabric turned away by the commissioning retailer. It might make it to a smaller fabric shop, but all too often it's off to the tip.

We think this is something that needs addressing. Our end of roll garments are cut from those new unused fabrics that would otherwise have been disposed of. It's our way of limiting waste...and producing some rather fabulous looks along the way!

General Info: 

  • Each garment is available until we run out of a fabric. There are varying quantities of each fabric / colour so if they are listed out as 'sold out', I'm afraid there won't be any more.
  • End of Roll garments will be Made to Order, but the number we can produce will be limited and vary per fabric as it will be based on the amount of fabric we can source. Therefore orders will be taken on a first come first basis and capped at a limited batch on each drop.
  • End of Roll will have a few limited drops per year to ensure our team have the capacity to make the garments alongside our mainline collection. Newsletter subscribers will always have first access.
  • The limited amounts of fabric we will be working with also means exchanges won't be possible. You can however return the garment if it wasn’t quite right for you. Please refer to our standard returns policy for more information. 


Launch Dates:

Newsletter subscriber early access:

Official launch: 

Dispatch date: 10 working days after you place the order (although we will do our best to get it out to you sooner)

Closing date: There is no cut off date, the collection will be available until the fabric is gone

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