Collection: Zero Waste - Kids

Limited edition children's jumpers and t-shirts, made from the fabric offcuts from Aesthetic Laundry main range garments.

All you need to know

Where do the offcuts come from?

A.L Impact was born from the work that we do at our partner brand Aesthetic Laundry. Aesthetic Laundry produces womenswear to order and so offcuts inevitable. It is these offcuts that make the kids clothing.

How is it challenging the industry?

By utilising existing offcuts, we are ensuring that there is less waste going into landfill.

Will you ever increase the age offering?

Because each garment is made from offcuts, the size / age we offer, is based on the size of offcuts we have available. So at this time, the ages you see available are the only offering we are able to do .

What if the one I want is out of stock?

We make kids clothing in small batches when our cutters and sewers have capacity to create garments in the main studio. Therefore keep checking back as we regularly update the inventory.