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This time of year fills the AL air with such joy, signalling new beginnings and occasional offers. This time we wanted to change it up a little, inspired by a friend and the want to do something a little more meaningful this year for you guys!

A while back, our dear friend Lisa reached out to us. She was on a mission to bring a little sunshine into the life of her friend who was going through a rough patch. Lisa, being the wonderful person she is, thought that a touch of AL could be just the thing to lift her friend's spirits. At that time we had stopped taking orders, so Lisa asked if we had anything on the rails that she could buy. The answer was easy, yes, and it’s on me!

We've done similar things in the past, but this time it hit me harder. The power of a simple act of kindness, the idea of doing something nice without expecting anything in return can create ripples of positivity— that's something you all have shown me. Your messages, well-wishes, and the incredible support I received coming back to the studio have been nothing short of amazing.

Life is throwing challenges at each one of us (feel like more so than ever but that could be recency bias), and you only need to glance at the news to realise how tough it can be for others. While we can't solve everything, we can certainly do our part to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem to one person; it can mean the world to someone else.

Inspired by Lisa's beautiful gesture and moved by the collective kindness within this community, I, along with Ausra and Joss, embark on a modest initiative this Christmas. In every order, a scarf, fashioned from off cuts and end-of-roll materials. No branding, no hidden agendas—just a little something for you to pass on to someone you'd like to make feel a bit brighter.

We want to be the support you need to keep spreading kindness. Like Lisa did for her friend, and like you've been doing for me. Let's make this season about more than just gifts and decorations; let's make it about the warmth we can share, the smiles we can create and the love we can spread.

Thank you for being the incredible community that you are. Wishing you all a season filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments.

Heidi xx

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