Pot Luck Parcels - XS

Pot Luck Parcels - XS

This December we are bringing you a selection of treats, available as we count our way down to the Festive break. 

Kicking off the month of treats, Friday 2nd December will see the launch of Pot Luck Parcels - XS. 



Because surprise’s make life that little bit more exciting…Select a Jumpers / Tops, Bottoms or Dresses parcel for £19.99 and receive a parcel of goodies from Aesthetic Laundry's main range worth over £50.

The Pot Luck Parcel's are available on Aesthetic Laundry's sister brand site, AL Impact, in order for us to manage the the orders as we continue to make our main range collection on Aesthetic Laundry. 

Despite being hosted on AL Impact, parcels will contain a lot of Aesthetic Laundry's previous season's main range. 

So why a whole selection of parcels only available in size XS?

For those of you who will know us well, you may recognise our ecomm model; throughout our website, Joss (our co-owner) pops on her modelling hat and despite her best efforts to remain inconspicuous (ie we cut her head out of shot!), she is somewhat recognisable!


The reason Joss is our model is for a few reasons. When designing a collection, a sample always needs to be fitted on a real body in order to make the final decision as to whether the garment makes it into the final collection. Given Joss is always readily available in the studio it has ended up making the most sense that she becomes the initial fit model followed by other sizes.

Given we are therefore already making samples in Joss’ size, we realised that it also made sense for Joss to model these same garments for the website. 

Our mission as always been to minimise production in the fashion business and this includes our sampling. By having Joss as both our fit model and ecomm model we are essentially halving the number of samples we are producing. It is safe to say that Joss then gets first dibs on the products she pops in her wardrobe, but it does mean that we do end up with pieces on our shelf. 

Which brings us to this one-off Pot Luck Parcels in XS...


The Pot Luck concept was actually launched a few months ago. It was made up of all the sizes we stocked and allowed customers to choose a parcel in their size and receive a bit of a lucky dip.

Customers could choose from Tops / Jumpers, Bottoms or Dresses and from there select their size. There could be one garment with an imperfection (Early development sample or making/fabric oops ), however this was also countered with something that was perfect. Priced at £24.99, these parcels had a guaranteed value of over £50. 

The result….a huge success. We sold out of every parcel….except the XS!


Because of number of samples produced in the four years that Joss has been our ecomm model, it has meant we have a lot of XS garments still parcelled up and ready to go. They span 16 collections and so there are some serious archive treats to be had. 

So if you are XS then this is a Pot Luck just for you! If you have a friend who is an XS, then get into that Christmas spirit and share the love buy sharing this post with them.

And if you are a different size? Well keep your eyes peeled on Friday 16th December….. The Aesthetic Laundry elves (ie Heidi and Joss!) have got their heads down and are currently pulling together what will be our second ever Pot Luck with a full size range available. 

 Pot Luck Ts & Cs

  • Be kind and share the love. We ask that you only purchase one parcel per order, to ensure that as many people as possible get the chance to snap up a little pre-Christmas treat. If you order more than one parcel within a single order, we will cancel and refund you for any additional ones. If you really want to order more than one, please place the orders separately. 
  • Parcels have been pre-packed therefore the team are not aware of what is inside. Special requests will not be possible. 
  • As these parcels are samples, they may contain garments with an imperfection. This may be a small fabric fault or mark, through to a stitching error. For any parcel which contains a garment with an imperfection we will have countered it with another garment in pristine condition.
  • The parcels span over four years worth of samples, therefore we cannot guarantee which season you will be receiving. 
  • Due to the overall value of the parcels, refunds and exchanges are not available. 
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