We're (kind of) moving!

We're (kind of) moving!

Hello wonderful!

It's all go at AL. I'm sure you've been following the launch of our sister brand, AL Impact...hope you're loving it as much as we are! However, true to AL form we don't plan on stopping there. 

We know soooo many of you are interested in made to measure, so (trumpet fanfare) get ready... it's on the way! It's such a new thing for us and we've realised that in order for us to bring new features to Aesthetic Laundry (e.g. made to measure) we need to have both .com and .co.uk websites. There's so much to share and it's just a fabulous way to help you make the most of our growing brand and services. 

Last week we launched .co.uk and the two websites are currently identical, so you can shop the whole Spring Summer collection from either platform. If you're in the mood for a new look, sign up to the .co.uk newsletter and you can purchase anything from the new site with 15% off. If you sign up to the secondary newsletter we will make sure we don't contact you across both platforms. We're sure your inbox will thank us. 

Stay tuned!


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