Collection: POT LUCK - All sizes

Pot Luck parcels are back baby!!

Because surprise's make life that little bit more exciting....!

Select from three options: Tops,  Bottoms, Dresses and receive a surprise parcel through your door.

Each parcel has been pre-packed so we don’t know what’s in the parcel!

Once you choose your size we pick a parcel in your product/size at random. We cannot guarantee what exactly is in your parcel (colour, fabric, season, or style), but we can guarantee the contents are worth over £50 and it will contain bottoms in your selected size. In most cases, it would be worth between £60-£90.

Please Note: there may be one garment with an imperfection (early development sample or fabric issue) however this will be countered by an item which is in perfect condition.

Because of the nature and price of the Pot Luck parcels, they are non-refundable / returnable.