Welcome to our holiday collection...

Why have we made a holiday collecton?

At the end of last month, for the very first time, Heidi was away without Joss holding the AL fort. We've always been a hands-on team, with a lot of manual adjustments, order checks, and printing of make stickers. A wealth of knowledge resides in Heidi's head (and Joss's too). Heidi is also one half of the cutting team, so without sufficient cutting, the sewing team wouldn't have enough work to sew.

This presented us with a dilemma: How could Heidi take time off without closing the studio for a week?

What is in our holiday collection?

Pre-made shorts and vests which were made whilst Heidi was on holiday.

New longer lengths available...

While our team is fantastic and knowledgeable, no one can handle the entire process from start to finish. It wouldn't have been fair to burden Colette, who joined us less than 6 weeks ago, with such a responsibility.

So, we devised a plan:

2 Lengths all Pre-Cut by Heidi before she went on holiday

Our plan...

We aimed to explore something slightly different from our usual Made-to-Order process.

This way, the team could focus on creating garments they're familiar with, even without Heidi's presence.

Additionally, Heidi could bulk cut the garments, providing Pappu with some breathing space to ensure he takes his time with the Made-to-Order list before Heidi left for the beach.

Very limited numbers available