Pot Luck Ts&Cs

Pot Luck Ts & Cs

  • Be kind and share the love. We ask that you only purchase one parcel per order, to ensure that as many people as possible get the chance to snap upa mystery treat! If you order more than one parcel within a single order, we will cancel and refund you for any additional ones. If you really want to order more than one, please place the orders separately. 

  • Parcels have been pre-packed therefore the team are not aware of what is inside. Special requests will not be possible. 

  • As these parcels are samples, they may contain garments with an imperfection. This may be a small fabric fault or mark, through to a stitching error. For any parcel which contains a garment with an imperfection we will have countered it with another garment in pristine condition.

  • The parcels span over four years worth of samples, therefore we cannot guarantee which season you will be receiving. 

  • Due to the overall value of the parcels, refunds and exchanges are not available.